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Heartfelt thank you to all our supporters! With £5300 fundraised to the date (9/27/17), I can now officially enroll as PhD research student to work with Anglia Ruskin University Music For Health Research Centre (Cambridge, UK) on my study entitled “Measuring the effects of a music therapy protocol on bulbar functions in patients with early and mid-stage Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: a feasibility study”.

I could not be happier with the academic arrangements, this research is to be supervised by internationally acclaimed specialists in music therapy and neurorehabilitation Dr. Alex Street and  Dr. Jörg Fachner at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK).

I am equally blessed  with the strong support from the multidisciplinary team at ALS Centre Moscow (Moscow, Russia) and direct collaboration with the medical director of the Centre Dr. Lev Brylev on this study.

I am immensely grateful to Victoria Edwards and the whole MND team at Addenbrooke Hospital / Arthur Rank Hospice (Cambridge, UK), to Dr. Richard Sloan at West Dorset MND Association, to Sergey Parschikov at RemedyWave, to Alex Sherman at the Neurological Clinical Research Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, USA), to Terri Handler at ALS TDI (Cambridge, USA), to Kathy Mitchell at ALS/ MND Alliance (Ottawa, Canada), to Denise O’Connor at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates (Boston, USA), to Kimberly Khare, Karen Wacks, Dr.Suzanne Hanser and Dr. Kathleen Howland at Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), to Angela Harrison at North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre (UK), to Dr. Michael Thaut at The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy, to Brian Harris at MedRhythms, to Natalia Semina, Maria Ilchenko, Anna Kasianova, Inna Fomina, Svetlana Shkatova, Marina Bialik, Anastasia Beltukova, Tusya Beltukova, Efim Furman, Caryl Beth Thomas, Sue Robbins, Joanna Bereaud, to all the musicians volunteers at ALS Centre Moscow, to everyone who donated or supported otherwise – for all your advice, ideas, encouragement, calls, emails and meetings, letting go, questioning, consultations, and generally instilling hope in me that this study is possible and needed.    


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Picture of Alisa Apreleva, PhD, MT-BC, NMT

Alisa Apreleva, PhD, MT-BC, NMT

International expert on harnessing the power of live and recorded music to improve people's lives. Certified music therapist, neurologic music therapist. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Performing musician, composer. Educator. Author. Storyteller. Researcher focused on vocal therapy for wellbeing and responsive music environments.


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