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Welcome to Music.ALS – the updated version of website! Our mission is to improve quality of life and to sustain vital functions of those who are affected by ALS / MND through evidence-supported use of live and recorded music. Through professional workshops and volunteer training programs, we help multidisciplinary care teams create structured music experiences to support persons with ALS / MND and their families and caregivers, including children. Download our Music Therapy for ALS / MND info sheet to learn about types and benefits of music therapy activities.

In September 2022, turned five. If you are a long-time friend, you may remember that Eat.Speak.Breathe ALS project started as a PhD research and crowdfunding blog. And, with your help, we did it! Just visit our Science page to see how far we’ve gone from intuitive, cautious clinical experiments to data-supported evidence that music therapy is a safe, pleasant and potentially life-sustaining treatment for ALS / MND. We are honoured to have been acknowledged by The Stephen Hawking Foundation research grants and have collaborated with many esteemed Partners internationally.

Now we are bringing this wealth of knowledge back to ALS / MND community. Enjoy the Music Therapy Exercises for relaxation (any stage ALS / MND) and diaphragmatic breathing (early and mid-stage ALS / MND). Contact us to ask a question or collaborate. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive monthly updates.

Oh, and Music Therapy for ALS: A Selfcare Guidebook is coming soon! Writing process is underway. Support the author’s spirits by buying her a coffee (she needs it a lot!). And stay in touch for useful tips and opportunities to learn.

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Picture of Alisa Apreleva, PhD, MT-BC, NMT

Alisa Apreleva, PhD, MT-BC, NMT

International expert on harnessing the power of live and recorded music to improve people's lives. Certified music therapist, neurologic music therapist. Entrepreneur. Speaker. Performing musician, composer. Educator. Author. Storyteller. Researcher focused on vocal therapy for wellbeing and responsive music environments.


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